You are enough!

This beauty came into our studio ready to have a great time! She left her work life, home life, wife life all at the door when she entered. She has been so busy being a mom, wife, and employee that she hasn't had the opportunity to take some time and do something for herself. This was her time. She showed up in great spirits, even while knowing she was going to leave the session to go back home and continue working! She let go of all her responsibilities for the short time that we spent together and just let loose. She later posted on her Facebook wall one of the photos as a sneak peek. Her post was INCREDIBLY heart felt and absolutely beautiful. It touched my heart to know that I helped her find some empowerment, confidence, and the ability to see herself in a little bit of a new light! (That is why we are called "New Light Photography" after all!)

I'm actually going to share her post with you. It was that beautiful.

"I don’t always have the most confidence in myself with how I look. Do I doll myself up every day - no. Do I generally put a lot of effort into my looks - no. Am I in the best shape - no. Am I healthy at the moment - no. Am I overweight - yes. Do I generally feel beautiful - no.

I did something a little crazy. And honestly it was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I did a photo shoot. Just me. No husband, no kids, no dogs. I got a manicure and pedicure. I finally redid my purple hair that I’ve missed for years. I let someone else do my hair and makeup for the photo shoot. I relinquished all control and just let go of everything. I let myself enjoy the time during the photo shoot and didn’t have one thought about any of my responsibilities. I just rolled with it.

And this just a very small peek into all of the pictures we got out of it all. I don’t love every photo we got back but my hardest critic is myself. But guess what? I feel absolutely beautiful in this photo. And so many others. If you don’t like it, feel free to keep on scrolling by. This was a much-needed confidence boost for me. Do something for yourself. Do something crazy. It may surprise you in a way you never thought possible. "

Book the shoot. You deserve to feel this way also!