Valentine's Day Mini Kickoff!

We officially did our first Valentine's Day mini! This went absolutely wonderfully!

This babe came in and expressed how nervous and anxious she was feeling. I assured her that this was absolutely normal. Just about EVERY woman that walks through that door is doing something to push her boundaries and this is what she chose to do.

Knowing that this is a LARGE part of what we do, we do everything possible to make this the best experience for you.

  • We leave the room while you change.
  • Turn away while you switch positions (even if you're doing nudes. Sometimes privacy during changes is nice)
  • We start you out in your least revealing outfit. This gets the session rolling and allows us to build report before we really get into the swing of things
  • We ask opinions on poses.
  • We also make sure that you know that you can decline a pose or an idea. This is your shoot, we won't push you further than you want to be pushed.

Nerves are absolutely okay. Most of our clients leave our studio feeling vibrant and beautiful. They find confidence in themselves in a way that they've never thought possible. It's so empowering and I'm so excited that I get to be a part of that.

We want you to walk out of your session saying "Man, I feel like a woman!" because that's the absolute best feeling and everyone deserves to feel amazing!

I'm so excited that I got to share this session with you! It was absolutely a beautiful success!

Thank you to this BEAUTIFUL QUEEN!