Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to New Light Photography! We are a husband/wife team and we absolutely LOVE photography! (But I'm guessing you may have already figured that out.) We enjoy all types of photography, but mainly specialize in portraits, weddings, and boudoir!

We have a separation of duties within our company. I, Shanna, cover all the portraits and boudoir. I absolutely LOVE working with people and being able to provide images that make people happy! Damyon does his part too! He's the secondary photographer for all wedding packages and he's currently studying up on videography so that we can hopefully add that to our offerings in the future.

So enough about our company, I'm sure you can get all of that information from the rest of the website. Let's get to know each other a little bit!

My name is Shanna Miller. Damyon and I got married in August of 2018 on a beautiful, but very hot summer day in Colorado. We lived in Colorado for 4 years with our two kids, Landon & Ryder (Pictured above). These kids keep us busy whether it's running to sporting events, running them all over town to see their friends, or helping them with homework. We also have 3 crazy dogs that range from ages 2 to 15. All of them were rescues, except the little white one. That's Loki. He's the only one we raised from a tiny puppy.

I am not a full time photographer, but I'd love to make that a reality one day. Currently, my days are spent as a full time Accountant. In case you were wondering what Damyon does for a living, he's a Diesel Mechanic. We do most of our photography on the weekends, but will occasionally add weekday sessions to our docket. On our off time, we enjoy spending time with our boys, friends, dogs, and traveling. (We haven't done much traveling lately, but I'm hoping that's about to change.)

My plan with this blog is to be a little more consistent. I will share all kinds of things with you including but not limited to random stories about our lives, photoshoot recaps, FAQ's, Tips, etc.

Thanks for reading today!